10 Ways To Help Your Man Get In Shape This Year

With 2021 upon us, it’s time to start thinking about your personal health and fitness goals. After the year we just had, getting back to pre-pandemic fitness and wellness may be more difficult than many think. Not only are men trying to bulk back up, but they are also trying hard to put some spice back into the bedroom.

Are you looking for some inspiration to help encourage your man to get fit in 2021? Follow along as we break down the top 10 ways that you can help your significant other get physically fit as the world reopens!

Being His Biggest Cheerleader

Most men will not take an active interest in their own fitness unless you are there at their side to encourage them along the way.

To make a positive change in their overall health, men often need someone who cares enough about them to remind or push them into taking action.

Are you ready to help your man get fit this year? Let’s get started!

10 Tips To Help You Get Your Man In Shape This Year

1. Get Interested In His Goals

If you want to encourage your man to get fit, make sure that he knows you are invested in his success.

Ask him what specifically he would like to accomplish, and then help him break down the plan into manageable steps, so it doesn’t seem too overwhelming.

Ask about their fitness goals and help them create an action plan to do the things they need to be doing in order to reach those goals.

2. Put Yourself In His Shoes

You can also learn about fitness from a man’s perspective. Find out what they find challenging and the things in which they excel when it comes to their own pursuit of physical wellness.

This will help you understand him better and give you more insight into how best to encourage them on this path, plus teach you some tips so that he’ll

3. Be His Biggest Cheerleader

Men need to know that their significant other support them in this process and wants the best for them. You should create your own personal motivation calendar with rewards, such as a massage or dinner out at his favorite restaurant.

Celebrate each little victory with your man. It will make all of his hard work worth it when he knows you care. This will serve two purposes: it’ll help him stay motivated while also reminding him how much you love him! (Hint: Don’t be afraid to add in some cheerleading in the bedroom as well!)

4. Stand Strong & Don’t Let Him Give Up

It’s hard to stay motivated and in the game when it seems like he just doesn’t care anymore. But don’t let him give up! Even if they’re feeling discouraged, encourage them to continue on with their fitness journey.

Don’t give up on him even if he has started to lose hope that he will see gains. Sometimes you are the only one who can see the potential he holds.

5. Step In As His Personal Chef

Think about it, we’re always telling ourselves to eat better, so why not do the same for our men? Meal planning and cooking at home is a great way to encourage him to take care of his body.

Invite your man into the kitchen with you! You’ll have more time together in an intimate setting while he learns how to cook.

6. Bring Him Snacks While He Sweats

Bringing him snacks is a great way to show your love and support. Get creative with fitness food too – he might not want just another protein bar or shake!

But it’s important that you don’t follow him around while he trains either. It can be intimidating for guys when women come on heavy-handed to make sure they follow through on their workout.

7. Get Involved In And Out Of The Gym

Encourage him to be more active not just at the gym but in other parts of his life.

It’s great for your relationship if you can do things together outside of the gym (hiking, cycling, etc.), and it will also make sure he is getting enough exercise even when work or school keep him from a regular workout routine!

8. Check In On His Mental Health

It’s essential to make sure he is staying on top of his mental health too.

Encourage him not only to get rest but also take time for himself – whether that means taking a bath, listening to a podcast while he tinkers in the garage, or reading in silence! Don’t be afraid to ask him what brings him joy.

9. Turn Up The Heat 

If your man needs some extra motivation to get in shape, consider the idea of turning up the heat!

Consider a fitness competition or new bet for him. It’ll give him incentive and will be fun for both of you! You can also try other little tricks like personal rewards (i.e., takeout night if he meets his goal) or even try adding some secret heat to the bedroom after the sun goes down.

10. Add Supplements To Your Diet Routine

Again, anything you can add to your diet to boost physical and mental health is a great way to keep him healthy and happy.

Supplements are essential for men who work out often because they help them recover more quickly from intense workouts – plus, it’s easy! You can find supplements at any grocery store or vitamin shop. Some supplements can help boost testosterone as well, which can show benefits in nearly every part of his life!

Help Your Man Boost His Health – And Enjoy The Benefits Yourself!

There are so many ways you can encourage your man this year, and the best part is it doesn’t just have to happen at the gym either.

The most important thing is that you show up for him by showing an interest in what he does and being supportive when challenges arise. He will do anything for someone who shows they care about them- especially when it comes to getting healthy.

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