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3 Surprising Lessons From Living Off The Grid and The Secret To My Success

In a year of contagious viruses, social unrest, and Big Brother peering into your every move through your smartphone screen and microphone, it can be tempting to want to simply get away from it all. While some may entertain this idea for a time and then get back to their regular life of comfortable luxury, others – including myself – have decided to take the challenge to live sustainably off-grid to heart.

Last year, I decided to take my chances living off-grid for a while to try and recapture a bit of the zest and passion for life that I had lost in the middle of my “American dream” dayjob. However, still being a bit of a creature of comfort, I knew that I would still want to have a bit of access to power, so that I could cook and have light for daily tasks if necessary. Call it “extreme camping”, but my goal was to find a way to live off the grid, on my own, and still enjoy the benefits of science!

3 Discoveries From Life Off-The-Grid

Here’s the truth: when you choose to pack up and head off the grid, you may start off with hopes of saving money on utilities, decreasing your carbon footprint, and enjoying a life of personal freedom and liberty free of consumerism.

There are many benefits to living off the grid and discovering how to utilize your own energy sources – and I will show you the BEST way to utilize your own life-saving energy source –  but there are three major lessons that you should consider before you set out to make it on your own. In fact, these lessons can be invaluable for those who aren’t seeking to live in the wilderness, but simply find themselves stranded during a freak winter storm or unexpected break down on the road!

1. Start Prepared & Plan Ahead

One unexpected benefit of finding your own energy source while living off the grid is the huge savings you can enjoy. However, before you take off and stake your claim to a bit of wilderness with a shoddy solar panel, know that without the proper knowledge of how alternative energy sources work, you may find yourself with inconsistent power.

One of the best ways to ensure off-grid success is to build and prepare a plan for supplies and your power source. While a backup generator could give you the peace of mind, they are often too large and costly to maintain as you would like. Instead, consider the benefit that a smart solar box can bring to your offline abode. With a smart solar box, you can begin to take advantage of consistent, reliable energy at a fraction of the cost of other manufactured energy sources. Plus, you can build one using some of the basic items you have around your home!

2. Don’t Blow Your Budget

A main reason that many choose to move off the grid is the new sense of privacy they gain and the savings that they can enjoy by not depending on local or state utility companies for power.

Yet, for all their hype, many of the mainline alternative power sources can be incredibly costly to get started with. By the time you start enjoying the cheap and near-limitless power that these can offer, you will have likely blown your entire budget in startup costs!

Instead, consider the advantage of utilizing several smart solar boxes that can be built with solar panels, car batteries, and more. These smart boxes utilize solar energy (which is free!) to power a ton of things with little to no waste or carbon footprint!

3. Don’t Leave A Deep Carbon Footprint

Another reason you may be considering living off the grid with alternative energy sources is the desire to reduce your carbon footprint. With our world suffering under the load of heavy carbon emissions, playing a small part in reducing the carbon footprint you leave is a great way to enjoy your off-grid days.

However, many alternative or natural energy sources that promise low emissions actually cause tons of dangerous chemicals to be released into the environment due to their need for ongoing fueling or powerful usage. By taking advantage of a solar-powered alternative energy source such as a smart solar box, you can make tons of natural energy to power just about anything you could possibly need – all while leaving little to no carbon footprint behind!

Make The Right Decision With a Smart Solar Box

As you may have seen, there is a consistent thread throughout my off-grid journey: A smart solar box. These incredible and easy-to-create solar energy machines were a lifesaver for my life off the grid, and can offer the same power and energy for a variety of other purposes.

With so much uncertainty and chaos in our world, having a powerful and reliable smart solar box or two stored up for a rainy day could be the difference between life and death. Discover more about these powerful little machines that can deliver big energy results online and try one out for yourself!


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