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4 Tips For Supercharging Your Fitness Journey This Year

Every year, I receive questions and comments from individuals across the fitness spectrum who are asking how to boost their fitness routine and add new elements to help them achieve their goals. From diet plans and nutrition requests to updated lifting or cardio schedules, there are a ton of great ways to add variety and increase your visible results this year.

While nothing works as well as hard work and consistency, there are a few tips and tricks that you can utilize starting today to take your fitness journey to the next level in the new year. Let’s break down the top four ways to boost your fitness journey this year – including a secret weapon that will help you fly past your competition in no time.

4 Tips To Take Charge of Your Fitness Journey This Year

Breaking down my past experience with fitness plans, dietary changes, and the latest in supplement research, here are four tips to help you boost your fitness journey this year and reach those results you have always hoped for:

1. Pick A Plan & A Goal – Then Stick With It

The first tip seems like a no-brainer, but the truth remains: there is nothing quite as powerful for those seeking to reach their goals than to make a plan. Take it from one of my favorite quotes:

A failure to plan is a plan for failure.”

If you are ready to get serious this year about your overall fitness, then you need to make a goal, pick a plan, and stick with it. Consistency over time will beat small bursts of energy every single time. To make it even more effective, write down your goal or plan, and paste it in several places where it will constantly remind you of where you are and where you want to be at the end of this year.

2. Add Variety To Your Total Wellness Diet

Fitness and wellness isn’t all about gains. Feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally well is key to finding success in the long term. Building up bulk or dropping pounds means nothing if you don’t have the motivation and energy that drives you to keep up your routine.

While some in the fitness world will encourage you to find ways to add variety to your nutrition diet, I prefer to see my entire life as a “diet”. In the same way that you try to count calories and tack your macros of food, consider the same for your physical workouts and daily activities. Find ways to switch up new exercise for the old, and focus on particular activities that encourage gains in different areas.

Adding variety will not only ensure that you stay holistically well, but you will also enjoy the changes that come with different exercises, nutrition, and mental consumption.

3. Bring In Accountability

If you are ready to really take your fitness journey to new heights, it’s time to stop traveling alone. To really begin seeing the benefits that come from a successful workout and dietary regimen, invite someone to join you.

Whether you bring along a fellow enthusiast, a trainer, or someone who is just getting started on their physical fitness journey, bringing someone to workout with you is a great way to ensure that you remain accountable in your own plan. Having someone depend on you to show up each and every day to help them – and vice-versa – is a great way to find the encouragement to grow and exceed your expectations this year.

4. Utilize A Secret Weapon

All of the above tips are great ways to ensure that you see gains this year, but there is one tip that truly surpasses them all: adding a secret weapon such as the BioOptimizer.

If you find yourself chugging protein shakes to build bulk or mass and are unhappy with the little results you seem to find, the answer may lie in how your body is actually regulating and utilizing the proteins at a molecular level.

BioOptimizer is a tested and proven supplement that will increase your body’s ability to maintain and optimize the protein that you are taking into your system at the DNA-level. This will ensure that your body is ready to receive and use every bit of protein you add to your diet – while preventing overload that can lead to negative health effects.

Take advantage of an additive like the BioOptimizer this year for an easy way to help your body boost it’ fitness past what you’ve experienced in the past. With this secret weapon at your disposal, you’ll be shocked at how fast you see gains and boost your metabolism, strength, and overall wellness!

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