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Our What

At Nu Fit You, we recognize that nothing in life happens in a silo and all things are connected. Our sleep drives our metabolism, mood and overall state of being. Fitness and training, for all their benefits, are augmented by what we eat and when. In saying that, every individual is unique, as are their goals and needs. If you can think it, believe it, you will become it.

Our Why

We do this because we love transforming peoples’ lives. And we do it so that our clients can live the most joyful and abundant life, however they define it for themselves.

We work closely with our clients to identify patterns and behaviors that drive how we develop each tailored program to suit the needs of each client.

Meet The Owner

Darrell Smith

Darrell Smith draws from a wealth of knowledge and experience to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. His success in athletics afforded him a vast array of accomplishments and experiences in the health and wellness industry. His many successes and achievements on the gridiron presented him the opportunity to coach young student-athletes as a football coach at the University of West Alabama in 1993. He also received a Master of Science degree in Physical Fitness.
Darrell’s passion and commitment for health and wellness started in 1999, after the untimely and tragic death of his only sibling, Kevin. That event drove Darrell to dedicate his life to helping others realize their best, most healthy versions of themselves.
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