Bring The Spark Back To Your Love Life This Year With These 6 Tips

For many, the past year of lockdowns and shutdowns have left the excitement and passion of their love life on the backburner. The grueling day to day grind and routine can lead you days, weeks, and months of monotony.

Nothing kills romance and intimacy more than routine. From disinterest in daily interactions to a lack of desire for sexual intimacy, a lack of a satisfying love life can impact every part of your life.

Are you ready to bring a spark back to your love life this year? Here are six ways that you can supercharge your love life this year – in some ways that might surprise you!

1. Communicate

You knew we would start with this one, didn’t you? It may sound cliche, but it’s true. The best relationships are built upon a foundation of consistent communication. Creating space and time to talk with one another can help you connect once more over shared interests and passions.

Not only can communication help you ignite the spark of romance once more, but you can discover more ways that your partner needs help and support. Nothing is sexier than a communicative partner or spouse!


2. Find Ways To Serve One Another

Another way to bring a bit of romance back into a relationship is by finding small ways to serve one another each and every day. This is especially helpful if you have begun to notice the grind of the daily routine starting to take the wonder out of your life.

Where can you help take a load off for your loved one? Cleaning up the house, helping with the kids, doing the dishes? Take initiative and find ways to invest in your spouse by helping them with their daily tasks – and don’t be shocked when they respond with a bit of love!



3. Bring Back The Compliment

A lost art in our world is the compliment. What was once absolutely necessary to ensure that you got a first and second date is all but gone once you have lived life together for some. What if you shocked your partner with an unexpected compliment?

Get creative! Don’t stick to just their appearance, but compliment their personality, their work performance, and even funny things that will bring a smile to their face.


4. Dress Up!

Nothing will bring a bit of spice and romance back to your life like dressing for the occasion! Many individuals find that they begin to grow uninterested in sexual intimacy with their partner or spouse because they just don’t have the energy or interest.

Consider setting a day or night for you and your loved one to get dressed up in either your fanciest outfit, a personal favorite, or something a bit more risque. Sometimes all you need is a bit of a change to add a jolt back into your love life.


5. Set Up An At-Home Date Night

Just because you’ve been at home more than you’ve been out doesn’t mean that romance is dead. With a bit of creativity and time, you can bring the same fun and intimacy of a date night to your dinner table. Work with your spouse to pick a day on the calendar for your at-home date night, and cook or order your favorite meal. Throw on a movie, or simply spend time together in the quiet of your home.

Best part? Your bedroom isn’t too far away!


6. Bring In A Bit Of Help

Speaking of the bedroom, are you finding that you are plagued by low energy and interest in sex with your partner? Part of your problem may be low testosterone – a common cause of many men’s suffering from a lack of energy and performance in the bedroom.

If you are ready to supercharge your love life, consider bringing in the reinforcements with a personal supplement that will give you an extra boost in the bedroom. By boosting your libido and adding energy to your day, you will be shocked as your interest in romance suddenly goes through the roof!

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