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Finding Zen: Using Mindfulness To Fight Stress

As a health and wellness expert, I spend a lot of time working with individuals who feel like their entire day is being held hostage by feelings of stress, anxiety, and the impacts of past trauma. It can be difficult to watch these amazing people – each one with incredible skills, talents, and potential – waste their days on fears and anxieties that never come to fruition.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can wrestle back control of your days and start living a life that is worth every minute. One key is the art of mindfulness. While this practice has seen a rapid rise in popularity in the past few years, it is still shrouded in mystery and many are uncertain if this practice is for them. Picturing an eastern monk seating for hours with their head in the clouds, many are afraid that mindfulness and meditation is too hard – or one big fraud.

Here’s the good news: mindfulness works, and it isn’t a difficult practice to learn. If you find yourself facing unexpected moments of stress or anxiety – especially in today’s relentless bad news cycle –  mindfulness can help you silence fear and recapture peace of mind fast. Ready to learn how? Read below for an example of how you can use mindfulness right where you are to recapture your moment of sanity!

Add The Gift Of Mindfulness To Your Daily Life


With so much media constantly showing us a never-ending cycle of bad news, sometimes our days can have a dark cloud of despair following us from the moment we lift our head from the pillow. The past year especially has brought all kinds of new fears, anxieties, and frustrations to our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered our days, and if you were not ready to adapt and pivot to a new way of life, you may find yourself struggling to find your sanity each day.

Some will tell you that to survive our new normal, you need to lift your chin, toughen up, and simply push through the stress. Unfortunately, this can lead to a life of little hope for joy or purpose – and that is no way to live!

Studies continue to show that if you fly through your day without a moment to stop and breath, you will find yourself facing burnout and breakdown. This can increase your risk of physical, mental, and spiritual illness.

When life gets tough, it is essential that you become resilient. How can you begin to build that inner strength? Begin to implement practices of habitual wellness to your hectic day that allow you to keep yourself well while serving others – no matter your job. With mindfulness meditation, you can capture a few moments each day and reclaim your inner peace and outer productivity – no matter what comes your way.

A Five-Minute Meditation For Facing Stress


Life is busy. There can be days when you never seem to find a moment to collect yourself and find peace amid the endless meetings, deadlines, and shouting children. With mindfulness, you can find small moments of peace that will help you center your heart, mind, and soul, and give you the energy and motivation necessary to tackle your days.

If you are ready to recapture your day, then it is time to add the practice of mindfulness meditation to your routine.

Ready to learn? Here is a quick five-minute meditation that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Simply find a place to sit for a moment for yourself on your next break, and journey through the following step-by-step process:

  1. Find a place to be by yourself and take a seat. Take the first 30 seconds to quiet your mind and surroundings.
  2. Sit tall with your spine elongated and your chin held up level with the ground.
  3. With eyes closed or looking down your nose, begin to breathe in slowly, repeating in your mind or out loud, “Earth below. Sky above. Peace within.”
  4. Hold your breath for a few seconds before breathing the same mantra out once more. Continue this routine for several minutes, drawing your mind back to your breath and mantra if it wanders away.
  5. When you finish, whether on your own or by using a timer on your favorite device, allow yourself to slowly come back to the center of yourself and open your eyes. Take a final breath and take in your surroundings.

Once you completed the session, it is important that you take a few moments to reflect on your experience. Consider asking yourself the following questions to help you learn and move forward:

  • What did you notice in this moment of mindfulness?
  • How did I feel during this practice, and how do I feel now?
  • What thoughts have come to mind as I have sat quietly?

 A simple meditation practice like this can mean a world of difference in a stressful work and home environment. This practice can help us to rest and trust that the world around us will continue to spin – even if we stop for a brief moment of peace and clarity.

Bring Peace Of Mind To Your Life With Health, Wellness & You


Are you ready to take back your life? The first step is to evaluate your health holistically – your mind, body, and soul. At Health, Wellness, & You, I have devoted my life to helping individuals just like you live joyful and thriving lives through practices and methods that increase your energy, health, and vitality. Head online to learn more about these and many more tips for living your best life today!

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