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Ten Tips To Keep Your Feet Moving

When it comes to your body, few limbs take quite a beating like your feet. The foundation of your body, your feet help you balance, keep you moving forward, and serve you faithfully day in and day out. That is why when your feet start to hurt, the rest of your body follows suit quickly.

Taking care of your feet is essential for ensuring that they remain strong and supportive for many years. Unfortunately, they are often the last area we think to care for until it’s too late. By investing time and resources in foot care, you will be surprised at how the rest of your body responds with strength and increased energy.

Luckily, foot care doesn’t have to take that much of your time. Want to learn how you can add a bit of TLC to your daily routine? Here are ten tips for foot health that you can add to your wellness regimen starting today!

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10 Tips For Foot Health


1.   Keep your shoes loose.

Many modern shoes that are designed for fashion don’t give much in their space or roominess. Unfortunately, springing for a shoe that is too tight can cause a variety of foot-related issues.

If your shoes are too tight or the wrong size, your gait may be impacted as well, which can lead to other body aches, pains, and imbalance issues over time. When in doubt, go with a shoe that fits comfortable around your entire foot without being too loose.

2.   Never share shoes.

If you have roommates or live with a family member with similar sized feet, you may be tempted to share shoes for conveniences. However, sharing shoes can increase the risk of sharing foot-related fungus or bacteria, and causing the spread of infectious disease. Never share shoes with someone!

3.   Avoid sharing pedicure or foot care products.

Similar to sharing shoes, swapping products for pedicures or other foot care needs can increase the risk of sharing unwanted bacteria. No pedicure is worth the unwanted itch or hard-to-shed foot disease!

4.   Allow discolored nails to breath.

If you are dealing with toenails that are discolored or feature unhealthy-looking ridges or pits, don’t try to hide them with nail polish. Instead, allow the nail to heal and breath by keeping polish away. Too much polish can prevent the nail from naturally healing and growing.

5.   Never shave calluses or try to treat ingrown nails on your own.

In an attempt to avoid visiting the doctor or foot care professional, many individuals will opt to perform reparative surgery or treatments for calluses or ingrown toenails on their own. However, never try to treat foot issues alone, as you may cause more issues to the foot – leading to worse problems. Always seek the guidance of a trained medical professional with any concerning foot issue.

6.   Rest and exercise your feet each day.

Another great way to treat your feet each day is with a time of intentional rest. There are a variety of yoga poses and flexibility exercises that increase the mobility, flexibility, and circulation of your feet. Add some foot stretches and elevation to your daily routine to help your feet take a load off.

 7.   Try (or order) a foot massage.

Nothing beats the feeling of a great foot massage for sore and tired feet. If you work a job that keeps you on your feet, consider looking into methods for giving yourself a foot massage. Better yet, schedule a foot massage from a professional massage therapist who specializes in foot care to ensure that your feet are well cared for.

8.   Keep a tennis ball or foot roller handy.

Don’t want to splurge on the full foot massage? A tennis ball or foot roller can work wonders on working out tightness and sore spots on your foot. A cheap and easy massage option, this could become one of your favorite habits of this year!

9.   Take out irritation and pain with a vinegar foot bath.

Find yourself dealing with chronic foot pain or irritation? A short foot bath in warm water and vinegar is a great natural remedy for irritation and inflammation. The combination of warm, relaxing water and the natural healing properties of vinegar can release tension and help smooth the skin.

10.   Buy a pair of shoes that are fashion and foot health-forward.

Finally, one of the greatest investments you can make in your feet is a pair of shoes that features great support. Unfortunately, many of today’s modern fashion shoes are built for looks rather than support and health.

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Keep Your Feet Strong – And They Will Love You Back

While not exhaustive, the above list of tips and tricks for foot care will ensure that your feet stay healthy and strong. As always, seek the help of a trained foot specialist for any chronic issues that prevent you from enjoying your daily life. However, by investing some time and effort into caring for your feet, they will return the favor with years of faithful service. Stay on your feet and keep moving forward with proactive foot care!

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