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The Hidden Danger Lurking In Your Veins Right Now

You may not realize it, but there is a secret enemy lurking within your body that is threatening to steal your life and future before you realize it’s happening. Deep within your blood vessels and arteries, cholesterol known as Oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is being created by the interaction of normal LDLs with chemical-induced free radicals.

The result of this free radical chemical reaction is inflammation, artery clogging, mental fog, low energy, and more. Together, these symptoms not only make life difficult, but they can be signs of a deeper issue that is hiding just below the surface. The key is to take the battle to the source, and get rid of oxidized LDL once and for all with a proven strategy that works.

How Oxidized LDL Is Forming Right Now – Just Below The Surface

Medical science is continuing to discover new information about oxidized LDL, and how these cholesterol particles are interacting with free radicals in your system at almost every moment of the day.

When free radicals are created in your body through ordinary bodily metabolism, or are given off during times of disease or toxin exposure, chemical destabilization begins to occur. One of those chemical changes that is occurring silently is the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. As oxidized LDL becomes more reactive with the tissues surrounding it, inflammation can begin to occur – leading to discomfort, disease, and in severe cases, organ damage.

The cholesterol particles that can become oxidized by free radicals in your system can vary in size and shape, and the smaller they are, the more likely they will undergo this potentially dangerous chemical change.

While there is some mystery to how these small particles form and appear in the body, there are some risk factors that can increase the chances of oxidized LDL wreaking havoc on your body:

  • A diet that is comprised of high trans-fat foods
  • A habit of smoking and tobacco use
  • Diabetes that is mismanaged or poorly managed
  • A diagnosis of a metabolic syndrome
  • Environmental and dietary exposure to pollutants and toxins
  • Increased levels of stress

Once LDL becomes oxidized in the body, it can quickly begin to invade places such as the inner endothelium of your arteries. This can begin to block and restrict blood flow – which can be detrimental to your cardiovascular health and begin to wreak havoc on nearly every part of your body.

How Oxidized LDL Can Hijack Your Life

When oxidized LDL begins to cause inflammation in your arteries, their ability to carry blood to all of your organs and tissues is greatly reduced. In many cases, oxidized LDL buildup can even increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

But how does oxidized LDL begin to build up in your arteries? In short, the accumulation of white blood cells, immune cells, and inflammatory cells gather in your blood vessels to fight back against the invading LDL army, with a counterintuitive impact. Blood clot-forming platelets will begin to build up in the arteries and plaque will form. Over time, plaque buildup will lead to heart disease, vascular problems, and even dangerous cerebrovascular disease.

Bust Oxidized LDL With A Secret Weapon

In most cases, levels of oxidized LDL in your system can be measured with the help of blood tests. Lifestyle changes are often recommended – both in dietary intake as well as your physical fitness – but these may not be enough to truly knock out the sneaky oxidized LDL that is lurking inside the lining of your arteries.

So what can you do to ensure that oxidized LDL isn’t posing a threat to your life and well-being? With recent medical breakthroughs, you can actually obliterate oxidized LDL in your system by removing a single ingredient in your daily diet!

It’s true. In nearly every individual’s diet lurks a specific ingredient that is responsible for the vast majority of oxidized LDL buildup in your system that is threatening to upend your life when you least expect it.

By knocking out this simple ingredient, you will not only clear out nearly 93% of your clogged arteries from dangerous oxidized LDL, but you can even reduce your cholesterol to levels below 100 – something you and your doctor will be quite happy to hear!

It’s time for you to take back your health from the secret poison that is lurking below your skin and veins and remove the anxiety of a life-altering health problem once and for all. Find out how to cut out a single ingredient today to reduce your cholesterol, improve your physical and mental health, and experience energy levels you never imagined – right now!

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