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The Secret to Great Golf? Hitting The Books

Every year I spend some much-needed time out on the links with some great friends. Between holes and while we watch our buddies take their swings, we always have some great conversation. The topics vary from politics, current events, marriage, sports – you name it.

Yet time and again the conversation seems to take a turn to our golf swing. Whether it starts with a great hit that unexpectedly lands right on the putting green, or a bad-luck chipshot that sends the ball flying into the sand, conversations on the proper golf swing always come up.

For those who ask me about my golf swing, the answer is always the same: “The best golf swing starts with a book in hand.” It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s true! Those golfers who you see masterfully guiding their balls with expert swings all have one thing in common – they spent a ton of time reading before they hit the course.

5 Reasons Great Golf Swings Are Mastered In Reading

Not quite sure if you believe me? Let’s break down five reasons why I believe that great golfers give as much time – if not more – to consuming the latest content on golfing. With any luck, you’ll find yourself learning a bit more than you expected and putting that wisdom to use on the green:

1. Readers Are Leaders

U.S. President Harry S. Truman is noted as saying “Readers Are Leaders”. While this wisdom was a great lesson for those wishing to reach the highest offices of government leadership, the same is true for those wanting to help boost their golf game.

Individuals who read the wisdom of golf greats who have come and gone, as well as the latest in golf statistics, research, and strategy, will find themselves reaching the heights of their own golf games as leaders on the course.

2. You Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

In the game of golf, there is no use in trying to recreate the wheel in a classic sport. Those who come along with new ideas or a new take on the classic golf swing will often find themselves looking amateurish and give off an Adam Sandler-inspired Happy Gilmore vibe. This is great for the movies but doesn’t quite play out in reality.

By consuming books, articles, and videos from those golfers who have proven themselves on the greens, you will use their history and experience to rise up and beyond where they have been. Taking advantage of the knowledge and wisdom of golf giants from the past will help give you an appreciation for the game, as well as give you insight into how you can boost your own swing and stance.

3.  Reading Is Humbling

Nobody likes that golfer that puffs themselves up on the course. Whether it’s due to insecurity, anxiety, or just plain arrogance, those who see themselves as more than they truly are often don’t match the expectations. (Plus, they are a pain to golf with!)

Instead of being a hot-headed golfer who feels as though they have nothing to learn, investing the time to learn and educating yourself on golf topics is a great way to remind yourself that you have a long way to go before you reach the heights of greatness. However, you will be encouraged to continue learning and growing, and will continue to find joy in the game – rather than trying to convince yourself of your own greatness.

4. You Gain The Honor Of Contributing To The Conversation

The more that I got into reading and engaging with other golf enthusiasts, the more I found myself contributing to the conversation myself! The more you read and learn about golf, and the more you turn that knowledge into wisdom on the course, the more likely it is that your voice will be seen as valuable in the world of golf.

While I love golfing, I have discovered that I also love teaching others how to play the game, fine-tune their golf swing, and add to the ongoing conversation about golf in general.

One of my favorite places to find great content on golf, golf swings, and the latest in the game’s events and tournaments is ConsistentGolf.com. At Consistent Golf, the constant stream of news, tips, and strategies have been a great way for me to boost my game and build my own repertoire of golf knowledge.

Looking for a way to get started mastering your own golf swing? Head over to ConsistentGolf to get started reading some of the latest articles, and I’ll see you out on the green!

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