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Why Hire A Fitness & Wellness Coach?

When it comes to your personal health and wellness, you may be tempted to take your goals into your own hands. While there is much to be celebrated in accomplishing your goals and blowing past your own expectations, here is the sad truth: sometimes you need some help if you really want to stick to your goals.

Every new year, I speak with men and women who are ready to take the steps necessary to get control of their cravings, make better choices for their health, and emerge victorious over their personal vices at the end of the year. Unfortunately, those who tell me they can “go it alone” often wander back to my office months later after giving up on their own goals.

There is nothing wrong with seeking help – especially from those who are trained in helping men and women set realistic goals. With the help of a trained fitness and wellness coach, you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible and begin to see the results you have always hoped you would ever witness.

Need more proof? Based on conversations with clients that I work with each and every day, here are the top reasons why having a coach in your corner can make all the difference in your fitness journey:

Top Reasons To Partner With A Coach

Goal Achievement: A trained coach can help you take stock of your fitness level and create actionable and realistic goals that you will actually reach. By mapping your entire fitness journey from start to finish, you can work with a coach to create a plan for real success in your fitness journey. Reaching your goals is the priority of a coach – so they will make sure you reach them!

Ensuring Proper Form & Safety In Workouts: One of the main sources of pain and struggle for those who attempt to take on their fitness alone is being injured due to poor or improper form. A fitness coach who is trained and experienced in proper form with all body types will ensure that you keep the best form for your body and will decrease the chances of you hurting yourself while you work out.

Ongoing Motivation: You may have been excited on day one of your fitness journey, but what about day seven? Fourteen? A month into your fitness plan, your motivation is likely to plummet without a coach to stand by you and offer encouragement. Beyond just helping you learn how to work out and eat right, true wellness coaches will aid you in training your mind in overcoming the barriers that keep you from sticking to your plan.

Accountability: With a coach, you automatically enter into a contact that holds you accountable to your fitness goals. When your coach agrees to work with you, they will seek to help you stay true to the hopes and dreams that you had for yourself on day one and will work with you to ensure that you stick to your goals. Should you fall short or make a slip-up in your nutrition, fitness, or other aspect of training, your coach will help encourage you to get back up and back on the horse – making sure that you are never alone in your fitness journey.

Increase In Variety: Coaching comes with far more than you would ever expect. A trained and skilled coach will bring a wealth of information and wisdom on what a true fitness and wellness regimen should look like. This will help you train more parts of your body and mind and increase your overall health without getting bored with the routine or process.

Plans Made For You: A major issue many individuals face in their fitness is coming up with a workout and nutrition plan that fits their week. A coach will help you create preplanned routines and expectations for each day, which will ensure that you focus on meeting your goals rather than spending hours trying to create plans and processes for each new day.

Flexibility: Coaches will help you fit your fitness and wellness into your daily life. Most coaches will help you find the best time for your fitness, and with the advent of digital health and wellness, coaches can work with you virtually to help you reach your goals wherever you are!

Start Your Fitness Journey With Health, Wellness & You

Everyone could use a little help in kick starting their fitness journey. Whether you are needing the guidance for a brand new fitness and wellness plan, or getting back on track after some time away from training, you can find the coaching you need at Health, Wellness & You.

Our team has tons of great resources to help you supercharge your fitness journey, and our focus on holistic health will help you create routines and regimens that will build a strong foundation for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Together, we can help you develop a fitness plan that will take you to your goals and beyond. If you would like to learn more and get started on achieving your health benchmarks in the new year, contact us today.

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